Laptop Screen LCD Repair - DIY

Laptop LCD repair is relatively easy if you do it on a day to day basis. Like all things though, practice makes perfect. There are several things to consider if you are a do it yourself-er and would like to take on the challenge of taking apart your laptop in hopes of swapping out the LCD screen.

First of all, every laptop is constructed differently and a big challenge when you first start replacing LCD screens is taking apart the plastic and getting to the screen itself. Most if not all laptops today have plastic that snaps together and this can be tricky at first because you have to know where to pry the plastic so not to damage it.

Every laptop snaps together differently. Some laptops require you to take the top case off to get to the screen assembly. Others require you to take off the keyboard. I've seen laptops where you have to take out the DVD drive in order to get to the screen hinges.

Once you get over the fear of opening up the laptop, replacing the LCD screen is a relatively easy task. The LCD is very thin and you have to take extra care when handling it. There is an area on the top rear that has "do not touch" warnings all over it. Heed these warnings! You will not damage the screen if you accidentally brush your finger on the area but it is a sensitive area and should be treated as such.

There are 2 cables that you will be working with - the data cable which provides the signal to the LCD and the back-light cable that gets plugged into the inverter (the small circuit board that sits on the bottom of the LCD screen).

All the cables get routed neatly around the screen and are usually taped. When putting the new screen on, make sure to use new anti-static tape.

Now do the above steps in reverse and you got yourself a new working LCD screen.
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